Selected Articles and Book Chapters


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Elemental Housing“Elemental Housing in the Postwar Imaginary.” Arts and Artefacts in Movie Technology, Aesthetics, Communication 6 (2009).

* Expanded version in Giuseppe Pagano: The Architecture, Photography, Exhibition Designs, Editorship and Resistance of a Fascist Polymath, ed. Flavia Marcello. Bristol, UK: Intellect, forthcoming.


Refugees in Cinecittà“The Cinecittà Refugee Camp, 1944-1950.” October 128, Spring 2009. Reviewed in

* Italian version in two parts “Cinecittà campo profughi, 1944-1950.” Part 1 in Bianco e nero 560 (Nov. 2008); part 2 in Bianco e nero 561/562 (May 2009). 

* Reprinted in The Place of the Moving Image, eds. by John David Rhodes and Elena Gorfinkel. University of Minnesota Press, 2011.

* Hebrew version in In Response to an Italian Captain: Aliya Bet from Italy, 1945-1948. Exhibition catalogue on the Jewish-Italian immigration, Museum Eretz Israel, Tel Aviv, 2016.

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The Wrong Man“What the Clerk Saw: Face to Face with The Wrong Man.” Framework Journal of Cinema and Media 48.2, Fall 2007. 

* Italian version “Quel che vide l’impiegata: faccia a faccia con The Wrong Man.” Dentro l’analisi: soggetto, senso, emozioni. Turin, It.: Kaplan 2008. 


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In Memoriam David Perlov.” Commemorative essay for Ha’aretz Literary Supplement [Israel], December 31, 2004.Perlov-InMemoriam

* Longer English and Portuguese versions in David Perlov Retrospective Catalog, eds. Patrícia Mourão and Ilana Feldman, Brazilian Cinematheque of São Paulo, 2011.



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